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Specially focus on research and development of red roses£¬Because of the focus£¬So more professional

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Specially focus on research and development of red roses£¬Because of the focus£¬So more professional

Double red roses core of origin
Zone2000Mu planting base

The production workshop cleanliness
10All grade pharmaceutical production standards

National invention patent technology
Green foodALevel certification

Under the flag of Ø­ Ø­ Ø­ brand

We always provide you with excellent products and services

Close Ø­ as Ø­ Ø­ companion

Doctors graduated rose planting base£¬China rose heart of origin£¬High quality material£¬The natural fragrance

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Guan Ø­ Ø­ days Ø­ source


¡¡¡¡Jinan days sources products development co., LTD., established in rose2004Years£¬The registered capital2600Ten thousand yuan£¬Total assets1.2One hundred million yuan£¬Jinan is agricultural industrialization leading enterprises¡£Company dedicated to the development of edible roses£¬Focus on research and development products rose£¬The factory covers an area of50m£¬Traditional pingyin double planting base of red roses2000Mu£¬Is a concentration of roses¡¢Production and processing¡¢Sales¡¢Professional manufacturer for after-sales service in one of the roses¡£
¡¡¡¡Company's existing approved by the state trademark office¡°Mei source¡±¡¢¡°Love, elegant luxury¡±¡¢¡°Small flowers¡±¡¢¡°PC partner¡±Four trademark¡£Innovation research and development of the corolla rose¡¢Rose petals¡¢Rose superfine powder¡¢Rose essential oil¡¢Rose sauce¡¢Paste the rose flowers¡¢The rose cell SAP¡¢Rose fast food gelatin cake¡¢Rose jelly¡¢Rose rose series products such as protects skin to taste¡£

Contacts£ºZhai manager

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The mailbox£ºjntyroseaa0000zzfqt

Address£ºJinan pingyin county middle professional cultural street west industrial park

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